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Parent Meeting - Date Change

Hello All,

 We will have our BPD Monthly Parent Meeting Next Tuesday, 11/28 at 6:30pm in the Black Box through Door 9.  
We hope everyone enjoys their Fall Break!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jessica South Treasurer, BPD 817/312-2047

Garage Sale Fundraiser and Other Information

Hello Parents,
Below is a lot of information about upcoming fundraisers, fees that are due and much more!  Please read thoroughly.
Getting Involved:
Our kids and alot of our parents have been extremely busy: from moving props for marching season, to building props, to moving pit equipment,to grilling at concession, to working fundraisers and much more!  
We are so lucky to have such a great group of parents that are so committed to the success of our BOG and BPD.  If you have not had the opportunity to make yourself available to serve this group or these kids, I want to encourage you to do so.  You will meet wonderful people, see yout kids grow, develop and having fun at something they love.  Also, it does take a village to make a small organization like ours run successfully. If you have any questions about getting involved, please do not hesitate to ask me.  I am happy share with you.  
Below is a another wonderful opportunity to get involved:


Hello Parents,
We are in full-throttle mode for this season and preparing for the Indoor Season of 2018.  Thank you to Jerry Rivera, Daniel Cason (grill masters) and the many other parents that have been supporting our kids this marching season.  There is so much more work to do and we need your help.  Below is important information regarding the next several weeks.  Please read through and please help where you are able: 

SnapRaise - 18 DAYS LEFT!
Our SnapRaise campaign is under way!! As of today, we have raised over $4,000 of our $7,000 goal.  We are at 85% participation. Please make sure you share your students' SnapRaise link on social media so we can finish out strong.  Our goal is to have 100% participation so we can get the best rate of return on the program!

IMPORTANT!!! Homecoming Parade Concessions, Wednesday May 3rd, 4:00pm-8:00pm At our last meeting, we discussed another concession/meal fundraiser at the Homecoming Parade.  This has been approved, so we are moving forward.  …

BPD Weekly Info 9/10/2017

​​Hello Parents,

Fall Drumline T-Shirts The Blue BPD shirts will be in mid-next week.  Once I pick them up I will send out a remind and a FB message regarding pickup.  My plan is to be in the small band hall on Thursday after school for parents to pick them up and pay for them.

Indoor Fees If you are on the 7 month plan, your September payment is now due. The total amount is $350 for the 1st month.  If you are on the 10 month plan, your September payment is $192.50 (if you are current).  Payments are due by September 15th.   Please plan to pay in a timely manner, as we are already beginning to plan and pay out certain expenses for our indoor season.  You can bring payment to the t-shirt pickup night or mail them to:
7632 Skylake Dr. Fort Worth, TX  76179
If you need to know your current balance or want your student's statement, please let me know.  Those of you who have already paid, thank for the month, thank you!
Drumline Parent Meetings Our next parent meeting is scheduled for Tuesd…

Fall T-Shirt


For those that were not at the meeting last week, we decided to stick with our BPD shirt and move to a Boswell Blue Color.  This is a proof of what the shirt will look like.

Our goal is that all parents will be willing to purchase 1 shirt so we show a united presence at contest and games.

If you have not already placed your order, and would like a shirt, please respond to this email by Wednesday, August 20th.

The cost will be $15 (S-XL) and $17 for (2XL and above).

Just to clarify, your students will be receiving 1 shirt, so only place an order for any additional shirts you would like for family or your student.

Thanks so much!

Jessica South Treasurer, BPD 817/312-2047

Summer BPD Update 8/7/17

I love being able to say "Thank You" so often to this group of parents and students.  YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!  We had an amazing band camp dinner and earned over $800 in just a few short hours.  I am beyond grateful!!

BAND MAKE-UP REGISTRATION DAY Tomorrow night is Band AND Drumline make-up registration day!  If you have not registered your student, please plan to attend this make up session.  
Tuesday, August 8th 6pm - 8pm (In the Band Hall)
COMMUNITY LINK "BACK TO SCHOOL" BASH This Saturday, August 12th - 8am
The battery will be joining Mr Spoon this Saturday for the Community Link Mission Back to School Bash.  All 3 High School Drumlines will be performing.  We will be up 1st, so we must arrive no later than 8am at TCC.  Mr Spoon will be communicating more as the week comes to an end.  This is such a great way for our kids to give back and support a HUGE event for Community Link. 
SnapRaise Fundraiser We have moved our Kick-Off Date to Monday, September 18th at 5pm.…

Summer BPD Update 7/31/2017

Hello Everyone,
WOW!  What a GREAT WEEKEND for BPD.  Thank you to the McWhorter's for hosting such a fun night of fellowship!  Everyone had a great time!  Thank you for sending your kids to the carwash the next morning!  It was fairly successful for a quiet day.  Thank you to Jerry Rivera for hanging out with me and the kids that morning!
The August Calendar is quickly filling up with "All things Band".  Please see below the information for us for the next 2 weeks.  

BPD Band Camp Dinner Fundraiser
Our 2nd Annual Summer Band Camp dinner fundraiser is only 3 days out.  We still have a few items of need.  If you are able, please sign up for an item. If you are signed up to serve that day, please arrive by 330pm to be ready to serve by 4pm.  Kids are released at 4pm, so we wll offer food from 4pm-6pm.  Also, please don't forget to send your student with $5 for dinner that evening.
SnapRaise Fundraiser One of our most …

Summer BPD Update 7/23/2017

Hello Parents and Students,

Please find below important information for the upcoming weeks:
BPD 2nd Annual Summer Social This Friday at 6pm is our 2nd Annual Summer Social. The McWhorter's have graciously offered to host this year. Please bring your family, your potluck item and your bathing suits. We are so excited to get to connect and a great time before the Marching Season begins! The Sign Up Genius link is below.  See you all Friday Night.
Click here for the Sign-up Genius. McWhorter Residence
4920 Whispering Stream Ct.
Fort Worth, TX 76179

Car wash Fundraiser Next Saturday, July 28th we will have our 2nd car wash of the summer.  Please remember that the carwash fundraisers are being allocated to student fees.  If you would like an opportunity to reduce your student's fees for this year, this is a great way to put a small dent in them.   We would like all students to participate in all the carwashes if possible.  We raise more funds the more kids working it. 
How It Will Work:

Mid-Summer BPD Update 7/5/2017

Hello BPD Families!  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  I am back from vacation and getting caught up on things.  We have a few important dates coming up I wanted everyone to be aware of:  BPD Parent Meeting - Thursday, July 13th - 630pmBPD 2nd Annual Drumline Social
Friday, July 28th - 6pm
The McWhorter Residence
(Potluck) July Carwash Fundraiser
Saturday, July 29th 9am-1pm
7-11 on Boat Club

More details to come on our Social.  I'm excited to get back into full swing in the next month or so!! See you all next week!

Drumline Weekly and Information 6/5/2017

Hello Parents,
It was so great to meet all of you this last week at registration.  If you were unable to attend, please email me back and let me know when we can get your student registered for the BPD 2017-18 Season. 
The kids have been hard at work already this week at Drum Camp.  They will be participating in the grand opening ceremonies on Friday for the new Kroger.  This will be a great event for our kids to be showcased at.  

Carwash Information
For the 1st time, we will be allocating the funds raised at carwashes to apply to student fee accounts.  Carwashes are the only fundraisers we do all year where the work is done solely by the students.  So, if you would like an opportunity to reduce your student's fees for this year, this is a great way to put a small dent in them.   We do understand that it is summer and all the kids are busy.  We chose this weekend, since it was right after drum camp and we will not have another one until the end of July right before Band Camp begins. …

Drumline Weekly and Information 3/8/2017

Hello Parents and Students,

Below are a few announcement for this week:


I will be at the school Friday night 30 minutes PRIOR to the beginning of practice to hand out student show shirts.  I will be set up outside the gym from 5:30pm- 6:30pm
Please remember, that in order for your student to be given their show shirt, ALL FEES THROUGH FEBRUARY MUST BE PAID.  
Parents that pre-ordered shirts may also stop by to purchase their shirts they ordered. Reminder that they are $15 for S-XL and $16 for 2XL-4XL.
UNIFORM FITTINGS/ALTERATIONS It looks like we will be in need of making some further alterations to uniforms over spring break, We will be asking all Section Leaders to be organizing a time for their section to go to Nikki Weiss' home for measurements.  Further information to come from sections leaders, but if you will be out of town, please let u…

Drumline Weekly and Information 2/2/2017

Hello All,
Hope everyone is having a great week.  Please see below important information for the week:

We will be moving our monthly drumline parent meeting to Tuesday, February 7th at 6:30pm in the black box.  Mr Spoon wanted us to meet a little sooner before our 1st contest happens on the 18th.  Please mark your calendars accordingly. 
The February payment is now due.  Please plan to mail or bring to the meeting next week.  Lots of things are happening and it is very exciting but it requires that we all pay timely. 
The prototype for the props will be complete by this week.  Mike South is looking for several hand to help him build the remaining 4 pieces.  Our goal is to be using our props for every contest.  With this as the goal, we will need 4-5 dads (or moms) to help at the South house this Saturday and next to complete these on time.  His cell # is 817/233-1839.  Please text him if you are available to help. 

Drumline Weekly and Information 1/0/2017

Hello All,

We are only 11 Days Away from hosting our 1st NTCA Guard Show.  We will have a few very important meetings coming up in the next 2 weeks to be prepared for this big event:
Thursday, January 12th. 6:30pm - During our regular monthly drumline meeting, Nikki Weiss will be dedicating 30-45 minutes on needs for the NTCA contest.  
Thursday, January 19th - 6pm @ Wayside Middle School - Volunteer Walk Through (Very Important so that we all know what we are responsilble for.)
Also, please remind your student that this event is mandatory for them.  
Below is the sign up genius if you have not yet signed up.  Please remember that we will need as many hands to help out as possible:
This Thursday, January 12th @ 6:30pm is our monthly drumline parent meeting.  Please plan to attend as we will be finalizing NTCA needs and begin working on Dayton needs.