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Drumline Weekly and Information 6/5/2017

Hello Parents,
It was so great to meet all of you this last week at registration.  If you were unable to attend, please email me back and let me know when we can get your student registered for the BPD 2017-18 Season. 
The kids have been hard at work already this week at Drum Camp.  They will be participating in the grand opening ceremonies on Friday for the new Kroger.  This will be a great event for our kids to be showcased at.  

Carwash Information
For the 1st time, we will be allocating the funds raised at carwashes to apply to student fee accounts.  Carwashes are the only fundraisers we do all year where the work is done solely by the students.  So, if you would like an opportunity to reduce your student's fees for this year, this is a great way to put a small dent in them.   We do understand that it is summer and all the kids are busy.  We chose this weekend, since it was right after drum camp and we will not have another one until the end of July right before Band Camp begins. …